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ENC 1101 - Bielecki: MLA Style

Resources discussed and demonstrated during Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1101 courses' library orientation, as well as composition and grammar resources

MLA Style: In-Text (Parenthetical) and Works-Cited Page Citations

Created specifically for Ms. Bielecki's ENC courses, this page covers how to use MLA style for page formatting, in-text (parenthetical) citations, and the works-cited page. Further down the page, find links to online writing labs (OWLs), information on how to get HCC's free tutoring in person or online, and embedded videos.

For details on quoting, summarizing, paraphrasing, and avoiding plagiarism, see the other pages on this "Citation" tab.

Chapters on MLA Style

Online Resources for MLA-Style Citation

Slide Show and Additional Course Materials on MLA Style

MLA (Modern Language Association) Handbook

Read chapter 1, "Formatting Your Research Project," and chapter 4.2-4.11, "Avoiding Plagiarism," for free here. Find FAQs at

Help from HCC's Tutors

Questions? 813-253-7741 or

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Video or link not working? Please email URL to

MLA Style: Videos

  • Santiago Canyon College: MLA Style 
    This comprehensive video covers how to compose and format MLA-style works cited page citations.
  • McMaster University: MLA Citations
    The video below covers why to cite and how to use MLA style. (NOTE: It explains the concepts well but should italicize titles of containers!)
  • How to Find HCC Library Sources and List Them in Your Works-Cited Page
    This video shows how to use the HCC Library databases and their citation tools and format the works-cited page in MLA style. If you know how to find library sources and need only a guided demonstration of formatting the works-cited page, fast-forward to about 9:15.

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