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ENC 1102: Finding Literary Criticism & More (Dale Mabry): Film, Cinema

Selected websites and library resources for researching works of literature.

Finding critical essays and more about films

Search for critical essays that are scholarly interpretations or analysis of films or look up cinematic names and terms.

Newspaper articles may also help especially for newer films and filmmakers.

Use the HCC Libraries general search as well as more specific databases.

Search HCC Libraries

Find books, articles, videos, & more


  • othello AND film
    • Search for items that are—or discuss—motion picture adaptations Shakespeare's play.
  • othello AND film AND welles 
    • Adding a term to narrow the search and make it more specific—in this case, to items that are or discuss Orson Welles' production of Othello.

Filter your results

Use the filtering menu to narrow results by Resource Type, Publication Date, Library (books, eBooks, videos by campus), and more.

Depending on your device, the Filter your results menu is located to the left of search results, or the filter icon  at the top.

Basic steps for finding and searching the library catalog, and filtering results, are broken down on this help sheet.

You can also filter to newspaper articles

Newspapers often feature articles about films, interviews with directors, actors and other personnel involved in films, and more.

A key part of the information timeline. newspaper articles can often be helpful in your research—especially on newer films or filmmakers, which may not be covered yet in scholarly articles.

Simply click Resource Type, then select Newspapers search.


This brief process is broken down on this help sheet—scroll past step number four.

Search some databases

Just a few databases in the arts and humanities area to search mostly scholarly articles.

Search video databases

Video databases may contain discussions of a film, film clips, or entire productions.

More tutorials and help