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Dr.Freeman - ENC 1101 (Plant City): Citation Application Assignment

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The questions below that state a print version of a resource is needed, the HCC Libraries or any public library should have these resources available for you to cite.


Respond to the following prompts and provide a complete  list of the requested MLA citations. Each item is worth 5 (five) points, for an assignment total of 50 points. Please follow MLA guidelines in completing this assignment.

1. Cite a book that has both an author and an editor.

2. Cite a book with a title within the title.

3. Cite an article in a print journal.

4.Cite an article in a print newspaper.

5. Cite an article from a journal on the web.

6. Cite a post or comment on a social networking cite.

7. Cite a post or comment on a blog or discussion group.

8. Cite a television or radio interview.

9. Cite a sound recording.

10. Cite a personal interview.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar searches academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives. Note: Access may be limited.

Citation Writing Tips

Locating Resources for this Assignment

The list below will help you locate resources for this assignment:  

  1. Books
    1. ​Use the HCC Library Online Catalog.
      1. ​Search box can be found in the Search HCC Libraries box at the top of this page
  2. Print Articles
    1. ​Any library will have access to printed versions of newspapers and journals
  3. Interviews and sound recordings
    1. ​The HCC Libraries Online Databases have access to sound recordings in both music and interview formats.  
    2. See the database listings on this page for access.


Citation Writing

One of the best online resources for helping with writing MLA style citations is your ENC1101 textbook, Composition & Grammar.  Turn to page 399 to see many citation examples.

Print Journals and Newspapers

  1. MLA Works Cited Page: Periodicals
    1. For a journal article citation, look for the paragraph header: An Article in a Scholarly Journal
    2. For a newspaper article citation, look for the paragraph header: Article in a Newspaper


Online Publications

  1. MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)
    1. For a journal article on the web, look for a paragraph header:  An Article in an Online Scholarly Journal
    2. For a post from a social networking cite, look for a paragraph header:  A Tweet
    3. For a post on a blog or discussion group, look for both paragraph headers:  A Listserv, Discussion Group, or Blog Posting and A Comment on a Website or Article



Television or Radio Interview

  1. MLA Works Cited: Other Common Sources

    1. For a Television or radio interview, look for the paragraph header:  An Interview, Published Interviews (Print or Broadcast)
    2. For a Sound Recording, look for the paragraph header:  A Song or Album
    3. For a Personal Interview, look for the paragraph header: An Interview, Personal Interviews

Databases to use for this assignment