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Dr.Freeman - ENC 1101 (Plant City): MLA Citation Guides

Suggested Resources for Using MLA Citation Style

Why should I learn how to "cite my sources"?

 It is very important to learn how to correctly give credit to any information that you use that is not your own, original information. If you take a direct quote from a book or a journal article, or even if you paraphrase the information (put it in your own words), you will need to cite this information. You will need to cite it both in the body of your paper and by creating a works cited list at the end of your paper. Failing to cite your sources is committing plagiarism.

Which citation style should I use?

There are a number of different citation styles used. For an ENC 1101 class you will be using a style called MLA. This citation style not only tells you how to cite your sources for your paper, but it also give you information about the general set up of a research paper - margin size, title page contents, page numbering etc. You are not expected to become experts in all the details of MLA.  Below are links to other resources to assist and guide you in preparing your research essays and papers.  

Writing and MLA Citation Guides