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Dr.Freeman - ENC 1101 (Plant City): Definition Essay

Definition Essay Assignment

Definition Essay Assignment Resources

The book titles and database suggestions on this page will help you find resources for this assignment.  You will need to be logged into HCC Libraries Online in order to access the databases and any other electronic material found in the HCC Libraries Online Catalog.

Reference Materials

Definition Essays can be challenging.  The HCC Libraries Online Catalog has a filter option called Reference Entry.  Reference materials help define your term as well as provide essential background information and other keywords that could expand your definition.

Below is a sample search.  To access these links, please make sure you are logged into the HCC Libraries Online System.

Below are screenshots showing how to find the Filter for Reference Entry.

Filter your results Resource TypeReference Entries under Resource Type


Resources for the Definition Essay


Books and ebooks that examine all kinds of topics are available from the HCC Library. Books are located by searching the HCC Libraries Online Catalog.

Some books that might be helpful to begin this assignment:


Reference Databases

Reference Databases

Reference databases provide general background information on a specific topic to help define your subject as well as provide a better understanding of the subject matter.

Articles from Databases

MLA Citation Help

MLA Citation Writing

Please see the MLA Citation Guide page for citation writing assistance.