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ENC 1102 - Bielecki (Ybor City): Prepare

Resources discussed and demonstrated during Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1102 courses' library orientation, as well as composition and grammar resources

Tips for Starting Your Research

The resources below left will lead you to choose a topic for your research paper (from your instructor's list) and find a copy of it. Further down are dictionaries of literary terms to use for your definitions assignment.

The resources below right focus on themes and time periods to help you develop ideas on how to approach your topic. They can be helpful even if you have not yet chosen a work or developed a research question. Also, click the "Genres," "(Literary) Periods," and "Critical Approaches" ("Crit Apprchs") tabs above for different ways to think about your literary work before or while you research it.

When you are ready to begin your research for secondary (expert academic) sources, click the "SEARCH" tab above. Log-in instructions are on the "Home" tab.

Research Paper Topics for Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1102

Video: Develop a Research Question

Literary Themes for Students

These online reference books (eBooks) outline how themes are treated in American, British and world literature. Author profiles are included, as well as highlights of major works centered around the theme.

Find more ebooks on various themes by searching the HCC Library for "Bloom's Literary Themes." Thematic categories covered include "Alienation," "Civil Disobedience," "Death and Dying," "Enslavement and Emancipation," "Exploration and Colonization," "Human Sexuality," and "Rebirth and Renewal," among others. The Bloom's Literature database also has "How to Write about Literature" articles designed to give students ideas for topics and strategies for writing. 

Literature and Its Times (ebooks)

Profiles of notable American and international literary works, and the historical events that influenced them. These books are online only.

If You Need to Find a Copy of a Literary Work

Definitions of Literary Terms

To analyze literature, you need to know the terminology. These resources can help you understand literary words (and complete the literary definitions assignment in Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1102 course). Log-in instructions are on the "Home" tab.

EBOOK (log in to access online):

IN THE YBOR CITY CAMPUS LIBRARY (find with its call number):

Help from HCC's Tutors

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Need More?

To search for resources, click the "SEARCH" tab above. For more information on ways to analyze literature, hover over the arrow of the "Genres" tab above and choose your work's genre from the drop-down list or click the "Critical Approaches" ("Crit Apprchs") and "(Literary) Periods" tabs above. Information on writing a literary analysis can be found by hovering over the "Writing" tab and choosing "Rhetorical Modes" from the drop-down list. For library assistance, tech support, and tutoring, click "Help!"

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