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ENC 1102 - Bielecki (Ybor City): Citing

Resources discussed and demonstrated during Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1102 courses' library orientation, as well as composition and grammar resources

Citation: How to Quote, Summarize, and Paraphrase While Avoiding Plagiarism

Created specifically for Ms. Bielecki's ENC courses, this page covers how to use source material in your writing by quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing with proper citation to avoid plagiarism. Because this LibGuide is designed for classes in the subject area of English, the focus is on MLA-style citation. Further down the page, find links to online writing labs (OWLs), information on how to get HCC's free tutoring in person or online, and embedded videos.

Citing and Avoiding Plagiarism: Online Resources



MLA Citation: Video Tutorials from Hoonuit

Help from HCC's Tutors

Questions? 813-253-7741 or

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Plagiarism, Quoting, Summarizing, Paraphrasing, Citing, and MLA Style: Videos

Bainbridge State College: Plagiarism--How to Avoid It
The short video below gives an easy-to-understand overview of what plagiarism is and how to use sources without plagiarizing.

Southeastern University: How to Avoid Plagiarism in Five Easy Steps
This short video explains what plagiarism is and provides a five-step method to avoid it.

University of Maryland, Baltimore: Avoiding Plagiarism
The ten-minute video below goes into great detail and provides examples (in APA style) on how to use sources without plagiarizing.

Films on Demand database: "Plagiarism 2.0: Information Ethics in the Digital Age"
The following video is from the Films on Demand database. If you are asked for a login, use your library login (seven-digit student ID) and the last four digits of your student ID as your password. If the embedded video doesn't work, try the link below.

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Santiago Canyon College: Using Other People's Ideas
The short video below explains the differences among summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting in order to avoid committing plagiarism.

University of Maryland, Baltimore: Paraphrasing Well and Avoiding Plagiarism
This second, longer video goes into detail about how to paraphrase correctly and provides examples of wordings that would be considered good paraphrases and others that would be considered plagiarism.

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Santiago Canyon College: MLA Style 
This comprehensive video covers how to compose and format MLA-style works cited page citations.

McMaster University: MLA Citations
The video below covers why to cite and how to use MLA style. (NOTE: It explains the concepts well but should italicize titles of containers!)

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Embedded videos not working? Please email the URLs of the media and this page to