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ENC 1102 - Bielecki (Ybor City): Crit Apprchs

Resources discussed and demonstrated during Ms. Bielecki's ENC 1102 courses' library orientation, as well as composition and grammar resources

Critical Approaches to Literary Analysis

The resources on this page will lead you to material on diverse approaches to analyzing literary works. (Remember that approaches sometimes overlap, so you may use more than one as needed.) The printed reference books are located in the Ybor City Campus Library; some of them may be requested online. Other references are ebooks. To request a book or view an ebook, log in using the instructions found on the "Home" tab.

Critical Approaches: Various

Critical Approaches: Archetypal/Mythological

Critical Approaches: Biographical

Critical Approaches: Formalist/New Criticist

Critical Approaches: Historical, Cultural, Sociological, and Marxist

Critical Approaches: Gender

Critical Approaches: Psychological

Critical Approaches: Helpful Websites (NOT Peer-Reviewed Sources)

Research and Library Help

Critical Approaches: Videos

This video from Hogeschool Rotterdam (the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) provides an overview of biographical criticism in less than five minutes.

This video from Hogeschool Rotterdam (the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) provides an overview of formalist criticism in less than eleven minutes.

This video from Hogeschool Rotterdam (the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) provides an overview of historical criticism in less than eight minutes.

In less than five minutes, this video demonstrates just one literary archetype — the hero archetype — using Katniss of The Hunger Games, Frodo of The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter as examples. Find questions and discussion of this video in a TEDEd lesson. Keep in mind that there are lots of other archetypes, too, but this video shows how archetypes work in that many works of literature can follow the same essential patterns or use familiar character types.

This fifteen-minute video from the University of London demonstrates how to analyze Mary Shelley's Frankenstein using three different critical approaches: psychological, feminist, and Marxist.

Need More?

To search for resources, click the "SEARCH" tab above. For more information on ways to analyze literature, hover over the arrow of the "Genres" tab above and choose your work's genre from the drop-down list or click the "Critical Approaches" ("Crit Apprchs") and "(Literary) Periods" tabs above. Information on writing a literary analysis can be found by hovering over the "Writing" tab and choosing "Rhetorical Modes" from the drop-down list. For library assistance, tech support, and tutoring, click "Help!"

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