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HCC Libraries - COVID Resources: For Your Students

Student Assistance

BayCare Student Assistance Program

We know that the uncertainties related to COVID-19 can be stressful. HCC has contracted with BayCare to provide free and confidential counseling services for HCC students. The BayCare Student Assistance program is providing support by phone at (800)-878-5470 or by email at

Zenpower App - Use code 281270 to have 90 days of free access to this stress and anxiety relieving resource. According to Zenpower, it takes the app a maximum of seven minutes to deliver a unique response to stress anxiety.

Library Resources


Students have access to Microsoft Office for free from HCC.

Library Help

Internet Access - Free & Low Cost


All AT&T home Internet Wireline customers, as well as Fixed Wireless Internet customers, can use unlimited data. AT&T will continue to offer $10/mo Access from AT&T service for qualifying customers. For the next 60 days, AT&T also pledged not to terminate the service of any customer who can’t pay their bill, and will waive the fees associated with late payments. AT&T will keep its public Wi-Fi hotspots open to everyone.


Sprint has extended its network to include T-Mobile’s network as well for the next 60 days. Sprint has also signed the Keep Americans Connected Pledge and will waive fees and not terminate services if customers are unable to pay because of the coronavirus for the next 60 days. Customers with metered data plans will now receive unlimited data for 60 days. They will also receive an additional 20GB of hotspot data for the same period. 

Customers will be able to place free international calls to CDC-designated Level 3 countries.


All current T-Mobile plans with data will be granted free unlimited data for the next 60 days, excluding roaming. T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers will be given an additional 20GB of mobile hotspot and tethering services for the next 60 days. Lifeline customers will be given an extra 5GB of data per month for the next two months. 


Access free Spectrum hotspots


Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (HCPLC) libraries are keeping their Wifi on while closed. Information about Wifi can be found on their Technology page and HCPLC locations can be found on their Locations page.

HCC - not available

Unfortunately, an analysis of HCC WiFi signal strength has shown it is not strong enough to reach campus parking lots.