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HCC Libraries - COVID Resources: Science Resources

Repositories of Science Lectures, Videos, Interatives

McGraw Hill Connect Virtual Lab Simulations

  • Remember to assign the “labs tutorial” first and foremost to alleviate questions from students so they learn how to work through the Virtual Labs!
  • Are you a current MHE Connect user? We turned on Virtual Labs in your current course with your textbook. You can see how and where to assign these in this three minute video:
    • If you will be using the ‘standalone/text agnostic’ labs shell, please do not pair/deploy this course to your LMS. We are working diligently to enable this feature and will be live March 27 for you to do. Until then, please follow the instructions we will send you to send students directly through Connect to register/access Labs. Thank you!
  • Finally, if you are teaching Bio2 and need coverage on topics such as Mitosis, Biodiversity, and Ecology, we do not have Labs on those as you notice in the list BUT we do have other engaging activities you can use with questions attached (better than nothing, right?) in our Graphing Interactives (flyer attached) and BioNow videos in the courses. There is a great graphing interactive on Herd Immunity and great BioNow videos with videos/questions on Mitosis and Biodiversity, for example! Here is a 6 minute video on how to find and assign those:
  • Give students our tech support phone number and tell them not to contact you until they have a “ticket # from calling in the issue”: 800-331-5094

Microbiology/Biology Resources