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HCC Hotspots: Reserving a Hotspot (Students)

Tips and information about the HCC Hotspots

Steps to reserve a hotspot

The HCC Libraries currently have two different models of the hotspots. You can easily locate them in the library catalog by searching for the keyword "hotspot" or by going to this hotspot shortcut.

This results screen shows information about each of the two hotspot models that we have. The should both function the same way, check to see if there are any available at your campus library by clicking on "Check availability". 

Students can reserve, or place a hold on, a hotspot using the library catalog. If you are a student that also works on campus (as a FWS or part-time employee), you cannot place the request. Instead, you will need to contact your campus library for assistance. 

Hotspots are loaned for two weeks with the option for one renewal if no one else is waiting for a hotspot. 

Students should receive an email at their Hawkmail email address when the hotspot is available for pickup.