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ENC 1102 (Brandon): Van Dyke - Film Analysis

Van Dyke Film Analysis Spring 2022

Abridged Assignment

ENC 1102 Van Dyke (Use the drop arrow under ASSIGNMENTS for the VAN DYKE FILM ANALYSIS - SPRING 2022  for this term)

Film Analysis Research Paper

Overview: This paper will allow you an opportunity to analyze a film of your choice based on research from a specific school of literary criticism.

Paper Requirements:

  • 4-5 pages.
  • MLA format including Works Cited page. Remember, the Works Cited page does not count toward the page requirement.
  • Your paper must include research from at least 5 authoritative sources - your course text book may count as 1 source.
  • With the exception of your course text, the other sources must all be from the HCC Library Database.
  • The introductory paragraph should mention the title of the film, director, and year it was released in the first sentence. This should be followed by a brief  plot summary that includes details specific to the paper's thesis statement, and the thesis should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Be sure this paragraph is not more than 1/2 page.
  • Do not use "block" quotes for support. A block quote is special formatting for any integrated support more than 4 lines.
  • Feel free to use film dialogue as text support. It does not require a parenthetical citation. 
  • Adhere to conventions for writing about literature. 

Literary Criticism Articles

You can find many articles about the different schools of literary criticism by using the databases listed below. 

Critical Theories: Articles and book chapters

The links below will take you directly to articles about the literary theory.

HCC ID required

Books in the Library

Books in the Brandon Campus Library that provide definitions and more information about the different schools of literary criticism. 


HCC ID required for eBooks.