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ENC 1102 (Brandon): Willman - ENC 1102

Van Dyke Film Analysis Spring 2022

ENC 1102H - Assignment Information

For Honors:

Your research paper will analyze one of the plays, poems, short stories we have read from the literary perspective of your choice from below:

  • formalist
  • new historicism 
  • feminist 
  • mythological/archetypal
  • psychoanalysis
  • biographical
  • Marxist

Literary Criticism Articles

You can find many articles about the different schools of literary criticism by using the databases listed below. 

Contact your librarian for more help

Don't forget that your campus librarians are here to help with all of your research needs! Contact Kristin Heathcock  (813-253-7812) or Ilene Frank for help with this assignment or any other assignments that require research.

Critical Theories: Articles and book chapters

The links below will take you directly to articles about the literary theory.

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