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ENC 1102 (Brandon): Van Dyke Film Analysis - Spring 2022

Van Dyke Film Analysis Spring 2022

Writing Assignment

Using a research-based approach to identifying  contemporary liberal and conservative ideology, discuss how a film released in the past ten years portrays either or both.  The paper will also note how those views might contradict or reinforce current trends in liberal or conservative thinking. In addition, you must include your view of how successfully the film includes these portrayals into the narrative, and whether you think the filmmaker has an “agenda” for doing so. 

Suggested Films

Your assignment requires you to view any film of your choice from the last 10 years; that is from 2012 to 2022. Need help choosing a film? The New York Times has many different "best of" film lists.

As a Hillsborough County resident, you are eligible for a Hillsborough County Library card which allows access to the New York Times. Visit the public library website to get your access code for the New York Times. *The access code provides you will full access to the NYTimes online.  

This NYT article may help.  

The 10 Most Influential Films of the Decade (and 20 Other Favorites)

PREsearch Assignment

Required Resources for In-depth Analysis (or RID) - MUST find two sources from within these databases