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Tips and information about the HCC Hotspots

HCC Libraries Hotspots

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*Devices are available to current students only. If you have any difficulties requesting a hotspot, please contact your campus library for assistance.

Faculty Hotspots?

HCC Libraries hotspots are grant-funded for student use only. Often, however, faculty and other employees need hotspots because of weak or missing internet access of their own.

Public libraries throughout Tampa Bay are promoting availability of hotspots for check-out by the general community. These libraries are linked below:

Availability info varies by library.

Using the Hotspots from the HCC Library

The library now has two models of the Franklin Hotspots. The newer ones have a smaller screen and are named after animals. The older ones have a larger screen and are named after fruits.

Using the hotspots is the same regardless of the model. Below are some steps:


Power on the hotspot using the power button that is on the bottom of the device. Press the power button until the display lights up.

Power button on hotspot

When powered on, the hotspot will show the battery level and the signal strength in the small screen. (If the battery level is low, use the enclosed charging cable to charge and power the hotspot.)

Signal strength and power level on device screen

Navigate between informational screens on the hotspot by pushing the power button. Each push will show a different screen.

Information screen on device

This screen simply shows the billing cycle date for the device. It does not impact the student's ability to use the device.

Display showing Billing Cycle date

Press the power button to display the Wifi name. This will be the name of the Wifi Network that you will select on your device in order to access the Internet.

Display showing wifi network name

After selecting the Wifi Network name, your device will likely ask for a password. The password for all HCC devices is Hawks1968.

Displaying password for login

Power off the device when you are not actively using it. Press and hold the power button until the display says Goodbye.

Closing Screen