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HCC Hotspots: Webcams

Tips and information about the HCC Hotspots

HCC Libraries Webcams

Free Webcams Available

for three day checkout from your campus library.

Webcams are available in each of the HCC Campus Libraries.

*Webcams are available to current students only. Place a hold on a CyberTrack webcam or a Logitech webcam in advance of your trip to the library to make sure that one is available for you.

If you have any questions about the webcams or webcam reservation/hold process, please contact your campus library for assistance.

Using the Webcams from the HCC Library

The library now has several models of webcams. All webcams connect to your device via USB-A.

Using the webcams is the same regardless of the model. Attach the webcam to your computer by plugging in to any available USB-A port, and using the clip to attach it to the top of the computer above the screen. The CyberTrack model has an optional driver you can download with more settings. Both models of webcams include built-in microphones.