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HCC Hotspots: Reserving a Hotspot (Library Staff)

Tips and information about the HCC Hotspots

Library Staff

There are times when a student cannot place a hold on a hotspot. When this happens, staff can place a hold using ALEPH. 

First steps

Placing holds in ALEPH requires a bit of attention in order to get students a hotspot as quickly as we can. 

Locate the two models of Hotspots in ALEPH by doing a search, limited to Hillsborough, for hotspot. 

searching dialog box with title hotspot

Click on the results in the bottom screen until they display.

Displaying two hotspot models

We currently have two models of hotspots, each on their own record in ALEPH. I would recommend checking each set to see if any are available before placing a hold. To view details about one model double-click on the hotspot model name (either R910 or R9). 

As you see in this screenshot, there are multiple hotspots that have not been returned on time, thus have been marked lost. Others are currently checked out. The second one in the listing is not checked out and there is no pending hold on this item. 

item display for R910

Highlight the selected hotspot that is available, or at least looks like it will be available soon. Then click on Hold Request and enter the students ID Number. 

Place Hold request button

Finally, verify with the student which campus they would like to pick up at. Often ALEPH defaults to a location that is NOT the student's preferred pickup location. 

Select Hold Location