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History Resources (Ybor City): Primary Sources

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are original documents or artifacts created during the time under study. Historians rely on primary sources to gain insight into the known past, and to provide substantiating evidence and support for their interpretations. The secondary source is the article or book (monograph) written by the historian.

Examples of Primary Sources include:

  • Letters and Diaries
  • Original works of art, music, or literature
  • Speeches
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts (tools, pottery, cave paintings, etc...)
  • Ephemera (pamphlets, flyers, stickers, buttons)
  • Government documents (records, laws, treaties, court cases, etc..)
  • Historical newspaper articles of eyewitness accounts
  • Original scientific findings
  • Institutional Records
  • Raw data

Primary Vs Secondary Sources

Primary Sources are available in Article Databases

Primary Sources: books & eBooks

Click the link for links to ebooks and call numbers for print books in the Ybor library. HCC ID is required for ebook access.

  • Manifest Destiny and the New Nation (1803-1860) (2-Vol Set)
  • Civil War (1860-1865) (2-Vol Set)
  • Exploration and Colonial America (1492-1755) (2-Vol Set)
  • Reconstruction & the Development of the Industrial United States (1865-1880)
  • The 1920s (1920-1929)
  • The 1930s (1930-1939)
  • The American Revolution (1754-1805) (2-Vol Set)
  • The Emergence of Modern America (1868-1918)
  • World War I (1916-1919)

Primary Sources on the Open Web