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Embedding library resources in Canvas: LibGuides

Linking to LibGuides

If there is a LibGuide for your course - or if a subject LibGuide is applicable to your course - you can make it part of your course in several ways. 

View all LibGuides from HCC Libraries.

To talk with a librarian about LibGuides and other ways that your campus library can enhance your course and help your students, contact us

Linking to a LibGuide within a Page

Link to a LibGuide within a page of your course

  1. Open your course in Canvas and begin editing the page on which you want to insert the link to your guide.
    Edit Page in Canvas
  2. Click on the little blue V and select "Embed A Library Resource Linkembed a library resource link
  3. Enter the url of the LibGuide and a description for the LibGuide in the dialog box. Then click on "Embed".
    Insert guide URL and description
  4. Your students will now be able to access the LibGuide AND will be automatically authenticated into all of the resources you have linked within the guide. 
    Save page changes








Linking with a Thumbnail

You can add a link to your LibGuide as a regular link - remember though that this "regular" link will not automatically authenticate students into any of the resources that are available in the guide. 

LibGuide Thumbnail