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Embedding library resources in Canvas: LibGuides

Linking to LibGuides

If there is a LibGuide for your course - or if a subject LibGuide is applicable to your course - you can make it easier for your students to find and use by linking to it within your Canvas course! 

Quick facts:

To talk with a librarian about LibGuides - and other ways that your campus library can enhance your course and help your students - contact us

Linking to a LibGuide in a Canvas course page

Link to a LibGuide within a page of your course

A LibGuide is a regular website with its own address (URL). Also, each page of a LibGuide has its own unique URL.

You can link to a LibGuide - or any page of one within Canvas - as you would to any other website.

In Canvas, use the external link tool.
external link

Linking to a LibGuide in the Course Navigation Menu

Link to a LibGuide within the left-navigation menu of your course

In Canvas, select "Show in course navigation" while using the redirect tool.