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Embedding library resources in Canvas: Link Generator

What will this page do?

This page will help you convert old library links you may have in Canvas courses and other places to the new OpenAthens configuration which enables single sign-on (SSO) with HCC's NetID authentication. 

Link Generator

Note: you can add up to 50 links at a time to the link generator.

Follow these steps to convert old library links

Click on the steps for instructions on how to "Athensize" new links:

  • If the URL has a "" prefix you will have to delete this portion of the URL. If it doesn't skip to Step 2.
  • For example, delete the prefix portion highlighted in yellow:
  • Copy and paste your link into HCC's Link Generator.
  • Or, copy the remaining portion of the URL from following Step 1 above: into HCC's Link Generator.
  • It will add the OpenAthens prefix and encode the rest. The encoding is important in some databases because with out it the link will land on the main database page instead the specific video or article.
  • Example from Step 1: the new link has an OpenAthens redirector prefix (in green):

Link spreadsheet bulk conversion instructions

  • 1. Using the "Canvas Library Links" spreadsheet you were emailed, make a duplicate of the "Teachers" sheet in case you make a mistake and need to start over.
  • 2. Right click on the sheet tab, select "move or copy" and then select the check box for "create a copy." 
  • 3. The new sheet will be called "Teachers (2)"
  • 4. Use either sheet to make changes, but keep the other sheet as a backup.
  • 5. Perform A Find/Replace search (Ctrl-F) and search for the URL prefix:
  • 6. Select the "Replace" tab
  • 7. Leave the "Replace with" field empty and click "Replace all" - this removes the prefix from all URLs.
  • 8. Copy the links (up to 50 at a time) and paste them into the Link Generator to get new OpenAthens links to substitute in your courses.
  • 9. Use spreadsheet (column D) to find the location in Canvas of each link needing replacement. You could also replace the links in column E to keep a record of them for later. 

Watch a video on these bulk conversion steps