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Embedding library resources in Canvas: Docuseek

Docuseek Databases in Canvas

Including videos from Docuseek can be done in two ways. Add them to your course as you would a journal article or link to a database OR you can embed them with the Docuseek video player directly in your Canvas page, assignment, or quiz. 

*Video tutorial coming soon*

Locate the film you would like to use within the database.

Below the video, you will see the option to "Embed". Select this option to see both the embed code and the link URL. You can use either option - select whichever one looks best for your course page.  

Docuseek Embed Link


embed code and perment link displayed for copying


Access your Canvas course page, assignment, or quiz to embed or link to the film.

Paste the code in your course from the edit mode - then click on the "Insert/Edit Media" button and paste the code from the database.

Highlighting the embed option in the rich text editor

If you prefer to create only a link to the film, select the "external link" option.

External Link in tool bar


Students will now either be able to view the film in Canvas (embed option) or will be directed to the film within the database (external link).

Docuseek videos displayed in Canvas as embed or link