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ENC 1102 (Brandon): Finding Formated Citations

Van Dyke Film Analysis Spring 2022

Copy/Pasting Citations from the Catalog

Library resources providers know that you often need to provide a works cited page and are assisting you in this by providing citations for multiple citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) that can be copy/pasted* into a Word document.

In the Library Catalog, PRIMO, nearly all of the print books, e-books, etc. will have citations provided.  

In addition, many of the databases have a similar feature.  Beside the fulltext of many of the articles from the databases, look for "Cite" or "Citation Tools" for the ability to create copy/paste citations into your works cited page.

When using these citation tools please verify the citation follows the most up-to-date style guidelines. There are sometimes errors.

Steps to Formatting Your Copy/Pasted Entries

1.  Finish copy/pasting your citations into the Microsoft word document. 

         --Then, edit, select all:

2.  Change differing fonts and text sizes to match.

3.  Sort the documents, from A-Z  (The first word in each entry must be in alphabetical order).

    go to "Home">AZ and sort.  Check for items that did not sort properly and fix.

3.  All entries must be double-spaced. 

      --To Double-space your entries:

   go to Home>paragraph>lower arrow>line spacing>double>OK   

4.  All entries must be "hanging indent."  (The first line is flush to the left margin; any other lines of the entry are indented.

         --Apply "hanging indent" to your entries:

   go to Home>paragraph>lower arrow>indentation>special>hanging>OK



The entries in your document should be formatted correctly.