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Criminal Justice (Ybor City): CJE 2170 - Internat'l Policing and Transnat'l Crime

A general guide to criminal justice resources

Crime and Punishment Around the World

This eBook (online version of a physical book) is about criminal justice systems around the world. Log-In Required.

After you log in...Scroll down the Contents to find the continent where your country is located. The continents are: 

    Africa  ...  Middle East & North Africa  ...  The Americas  ...  Asia   ...   Europe.

Within the continent, each country chapter includes citation information and links to further reading.

Online Article Databases

In addition to the eBook on the left, articles from "periodicals" - newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals - may provide current information focused on specific issues related to your topic. The online databases below allow you to find articles by keyword...and to target peer-reviewed or scholarly journals.

Click the links below and enter your Borrower ID Card Number and PIN. 

Use keywords or phrases - i.e. just a few words, not whole sentences.

Click the  next to a link for more tips.

Advanced Google Searching Comparative Criminal Justice Topics

Refer to the Advanced Google tab at the top. Try the following keywords in both Google Web Search and Google Scholar Search:

Authoritative Web Sites

The web sites linked below are maintained by US government agencies.

They provide background information about countries of the world.

Not every country is covered in every site.

Click the  next to a link for tips on finding your country's criminal justice system information in that site.