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Criminal Justice (Ybor City): CCJ 2678 - Race/Gender/Ethnic. in CrimJus (Fraser)

A general guide to criminal justice resources

Presentation Assignment: Prof. Fraser's Course in Race, Gender & Ethnicity


This resource page will help you complete your Case Study assignment for Prof. Marsha Fraser's online CCJ 2671 class. For individualized research assistance, please contact us for help.

For self-help guides to APA formatting and style, and getting started with writing, please refer to the Citing/Writing tab above.

Your assignment is linked below.

Good Luck!

Statistics: Journal Articles and Google

Articles from peer-reviewed journals often include statistics.

  1. On this page, go to the Case Studies in Online Periodical Articles.
  2. Try a search adding the word, statistics to your keywords and see how those results differ from a search without that word.

Many articles that you find via Google Scholar—and many websites that you find via Google Search—will include statistics.

  1. Use the Advanced Google tab at the top.
  2. Try both the Google Search and Google Scholar Search boxes.
  3. Try a search adding the word, statistics to your keywords and see how those results differ from a search without this word.

Statistics: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Data from more than 200 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States. Compiled by the Utilization of Criminal Justice Statistics Project since 1973. Funded by the US Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The link below leads to the online version maintained by the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice, Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, in Albany, New York.

Case Studies

1. Case Studies in Online eBooks

To read eBooks, you will need to log in with your student ID# and last 4 digits.

Search the catalog: HCC Library Search (Primo)

Use keywords/phrases, not full sentences. Examples of keywords to try.

To find eBooks (books to read online) only:

Some sample searches:

Find: eBooks - discrimination crime victims
Find: eBooks - discrimination criminal justice administration


This method produces a big list.

«« You can narrow down your results by Subject, Date, Author, etc.   More tips.

To find (print) hard copy books in the articles, AV and more...leave all default not limit material type.

You must have your HCC Student ID# or HawkCard to access library materials.



2. Case Studies in Online Periodical Articles

In addition to books, articles from "periodicals" (newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals) can also provide case studies in criminal justice and law enforcement. The online databases below allow you to search for articles by keyword.

  • Click the links below. If you are prompted to log-in...enter your HCC student ID number for "Borrower ID"...and the last 4 digits of that number as the PIN.
  • Use keywords or phrases—i.e. just a few words, not whole sentences. Examples of keywords to try.
  • Click  for more tips. Many options are listed—each student should be able to come up with at least one unique case.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar searches academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives. Note: Access may be limited.