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Criminal Justice (Ybor City): Articles in Databases

A general guide to criminal justice resources

About Library Databases

What Are Periodicals?

"Periodicals" are:  

Newspapers ... magazines ... trade publications ... scholarly journals

Content  from these publications are collected in online article databases.

HCC Libraries subscribes to more than 100 databases.

Some of the most helpful ones for your assignment are linked on this page.

Articles tend to: on specific issues...they may be more current than books...and are good sources for materials about current issues and concerns

Keep in mind

  • Work from the general to the specific.
  • Stay organized to save time and frustration.
  • As you read, keep track of new keywords and search terms that you can use as you continue digging.
  • Better to gather more sources than you'll actually end up citing.
  • Notice! When using library search engines and databases, notice useful tools, such as citation, email, sharing, saving, printing, translation, etc.
  • Need help? Ask a librarian! (link opens to a new screen)