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LIT 2000 - Freeman - Plant City: Library Research Assignment


Tip When Completing This Assignment

  1. Open the Library Research Assignment found in Canvas, LIT 2000, Modules Week 2 
  2. Keep your assignment open in a different tab so you can switch back and forth between the assignment and the course LibGuide
  3. The information on this page correlates to each question on this assignment
  4. If you have questions how to use the library resources for this assignment, contact Amanda Roberts, HCC Plant City adjunct librarian.


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How to Use This Page

Suggested Library Resources

  • Books (printed or eBooks): Use the HCC Libraries Online Catalog, see the Plant City Library Search box below.  See the Online Catalog LibGuide for instructions on how to use the HCC Libraries Online Catalog.
  • Library Databases:  For answers that must be found in a library database, good databases to use are Academic Search Complete, Biography in Context, Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Literature Criticism or critical articles about literature:  Use any of the following databases: Gale Literature, Literature Reference Center Plus, Literary Criticism Online, Bloom's Literature.
  • For information on how to distinguish between popular and scholarly sources see the Popular versus Scholarly Articles file.

Questions 1 & 2

1.  Have you had any formal library instruction, prior to this course?  If so, when did you have this instruction?

Answer should be from your experience.

2.  Locate and cite one single-author book on the subject of....

Use the HCC library catalog to answer this question and to search for your subject term. 


Question 3

3. Accessing the Library Databases, use the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) to locate a definition for...; cut and paste one entry, and provide a citation.

The OED is available from the library as a database. You can access OED by clicking on the link below. Once you have opened OED, type your word in the search box and click Go. Your results list should appear. Click on "Full Entry" to look at the complete entry for your word.


Question 4


Biography in Context is now called Biography Gale.

4. Use the Biography Gale Library Database to locate a biography on...

See the link below for access. 

     a.  Open Biography Gale 

     b.  Type the name of the person you are researching in the search box. Your results list should appear.  *If there are multiple people with the same name, look at the occupation and/or birth and death dates to pick the right one.

      c. Choose the person's name to see all of the biographical articles about them. Choose any of the article titles to look at the full title.

Question 5

5. Using the HCC library databases, locate a critical article addressing the literary works of...and provide a citation.

From the HCC Library's Online Catalog page, open Databases. You can access all of the electronic resources available at the library organized by major subject area.   

Look at the Subject pull down menu and choose "Literature" to see all of the databases that have literary specific information. Literature (Gale) and Literary Reference Center are recommended as Best Bets.

*To look up your article, go to your selected databases, type in the author's name in the search box and choose search. On the results screen, click on header titled "Literature Criticism" to locate critical articles.

MLA Citations

MLA Citations

For this assignment you must prepare proper citations.  MLA has been updated to the 8th edition.  Please be cautious of using the citations suggested by the databases.  Please verify the citation suggested by a library database.  Any questions on how to build citations for this assignment, please speak to an HCC librarian or a writing tutor at the Academic Success Center.  Please see the MLA Citation Tools page on this LibGuide for more information.

Question 6


The language for the statement below has changed.  The first statement refers to Scholarly.  Open the PDF file "Comparing Scholarly versus Popular Articles" below and look at the statement under the Introduction.  This is where you can find information to fill in the blanks for Question 6.

6. Fill in the blanks from the paragraph, excerpted from the "Comparing Scholarly versus Popular Articles" source on one of the HCC campus library pages:

In general,                               articles are viewed as having more                               . Articles from the popular press are viewed as having                                 . This is why faculty often request students find "scholarly or academic journal", not "popular magazine" articles for their research sources.



Questions 7 & 8

7.  Using the HCC library databases, locate an article addressing any literary aspect of....

Review the suggestion for question #5.


8.  Using the online library databases, locate a critical article...

Review the suggestion for question #5.

Question 9

9. Search the Internet to locate the American Memory project at the Library of Congress. Cite any film or collection from the site.

Use your preferred search engine, such as Google, to locate this answer.

Type "American Memory" in the search box.  Use quotation marks around your search term.  Make sure you are choosing the link at the Library of Congress.

Question 10

10. Locate and list five (5) bibliographic entries for scholarly sources that could be used to support a CRITICAL ANALYSIS or COMPARISON/CONTRAST essay addressing the work/works of one of the following literary sure to use MLA 8th edition format for your bibliographic entries.

Scholarly Resources include:

  • Books published by University Presses;
  • Database articles from Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Journals;
  • Or a combination of both for this assignment.  

See Questions 2 and 5 for information on how to access the Library Catalog and Library Databases.

Questions 11 - 13

11. (A)Use the Biography in Context database to find information on Toni Morrison; describe her in one paragraph; (B) then locate and cite a periodical article from a scholarly source that critically analyzes any of her works.

JSTOR is a good database to use for Part (B).

12. Provide a citation for a book of literary essays with more than one author.

Review the suggestion for question #2.

13. Provide a citation for an anthology of American Literature with an editor.

Review the suggestion for question #2.

Question 14

14. Using either an online or hardcopy source, locate and excerpt five lines of Zora Neale Hurston or Flannery O'Connor and provide a citation.

Review the suggestion for question #2 to locate a hardcopy or eBook version of the text