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Faculty Resources on Diversity & Inclusion

Books & eBooks


Race and Racism in the Geosciences

Dutt, K. (2020). Race and racism in the geosciences. Nature Geoscience 13, 2-3.

Applying an Intersectionality Lens to Expand Equity in the Geosciences

Núñez,A., Rivera, J., & Hallmark, T. (2020) Applying an intersectionality lens to expand equity in the geosciences. Journal of Geoscience Education, 68(2), 97-114.

The Elephant in the Room: Race and STEM Diversity

Miriti, M. N. (2020). The elephant in the room: Race and STEM diversity. BioScience, 70(3), 237–242.

Using Role Models to Increase Diversity in STEM

Hutton, C. (2019). Using role models to increase diversity in STEM. Technology & Engineering Teacher, 79(3), 16–19. 

Are 2-year colleges the key? Institutional variation and the gender gap in undergraduate STEM degrees

Perez-Felkner, L., Thomas, K., Nix, S., Hopkins, J., & D’Sa, M. (2019). Are 2-year colleges the key? Institutional variation and the gender gap in undergraduate STEM degrees. Journal of Higher Education90(2), 181–209. 

Promoting Gender Diversity in STEM Faculty Through Leadership Development

Yen, J., Riskin, E.A., Margherio, C., Spyridakis, J.H., Carrigan, C.M. and Cauce, A.M. (2019). Promoting gender diversity in STEM faculty through leadership development: From local and national leadership workshops to the online LEAD-it-Yourself! toolkit. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 38(3), 382-398.

LGBTQ Scientists are Still Left Out

Freeman, J. (2018). LGBTQ scientists are still left out. Nature 559, 27-28.

Women and Men in STEM Often at Odds Over Workplace Equity

Funk, C. & Parker, K. (9 January 2018). Women and men in STEM often at odds over workplace equity. Pew Research Center.

Addressing STEM Culture and Climate to Increase Diversity in STEM Disciplines

Griffin, K. A. (23 April 2018) Addressing STEM culture and climate to increase diversity in STEM disciplines. Higher Education Today.

Counterspaces for Women of Color in STEM Higher Education: Marginal and Central Spaces for Persistence and Success

Ong, M., Smith, J. M., & Ko, L. T. (2018). Counterspaces for women of color in STEM higher education: Marginal and central spaces for persistence and success. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 55(2), 206-245.

The Status of Women in STEM in Higher Education: A Review of the Literature 2007–2017

Blackburn, H. (2017). The status of women in STEM in higher education: A review of the literature 2007–2017. Science & Technology Libraries, 36(3), 235-273.  

Web Resources

Florida Girls Collaborative Project

The Florida Girls Collaborative Project brings together organizations throughout the state that are committed to informing and motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


ITWomen works to narrow the gender gap across technology through proven programs that Inspire, Educate and Empower girls and women to advance in tech. We are a volunteer-driven non-profit founded in 2002 in South Florida by senior-level women in technology.

Women in Technology International -  Tampa Bay Chapter

WITI (Women in Technology International) is redefining the way women and men collaborate to drive innovation and business growth and is helping corporate partners create and foster gender inclusive cultures.

Women Who Code Tampa

A global non-profit organization and the world’s largest and most active community dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers.


Twitter account that retweets and amplifies Black voices and experiences in Academia.

ADVANCEGeo Partnership

A primary goal of this project is to improve workplace climate conditions by developing bystander intervention education for department heads, chairs, faculty and grad students to appropriately respond to and prevent sexual and other types of harassment and bullying in research environments.

BioScience Talks: Race and STEM Diversity

In this episode of BioScience Talks, we are joined by Dr. Maria Miriti, whose recent article in BioScience, The Elephant in the Room: Race and STEM Diversity, discusses these shortcomings, their causes, and some of the ways in which they may be best addressed in the future.

CIRTL INCLUDES: Inclusive Pedagogy Framework

Website for a national cross-sector alliance to increase the learning, persistence, and completion of underrepresented group STEM undergraduates.

Diversity And Inclusive Teaching Practices In STEM

A blog from the University of Virginia about inclusive teaching practices in STEM. 2017.

Women and minorities in STEM

These are resources for those that are interested in learning more about underrepresented minorities (URM) and women in STEM.