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Faculty Resources on Diversity & Inclusion

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High School Dual Enrollment in Florida: Effects on College Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity and Course Modality

Liu, V. Y. T., Minaya, V., Zhang, Q., & Xu, D. (2020). High school dual enrollment in Florida: Effects on college outcomes by race/ethnicity and course modality. Community College Research Center.

Happy Together? The Peer Effects of Dual Enrollment Students on Community College Student Outcomes

Liu, V. Y. T., & Xu, D. (2019). Happy together? The peer effects of dual enrollment students on community college student outcomes. CCRC Working Paper No. 116. Community College Research Center.

Adult Students in Mixed-Age Postsecondary Classrooms: Implications for Instructional Approaches

Panacci, A. G. (2017). Adult students in mixed-age postsecondary classrooms: Implications for instructional approaches. College Quarterly20(2).  

Web Resources

DLSS - Adult Learners

Resources from Distance Learning and Student Services (DLSS), an office of Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC), about adult learners and their needs. 

Florida Department of Education - Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows secondary students, including home education students and students with disabilities, to take postsecondary coursework and simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma, a career certificate, an industry certification, or an associate or baccalaureate degree at a Florida public or eligible private institution.

State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs

The Department provides most direct services through its Division of Statewide Community-Based Services, which works through the state’s eleven Area Agencies on Aging and local service providers to deliver essential services to a vital segment of the population.

Senior Connections Center

A not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to helping people age at home with dignity for over 30 years.  Our staff of volunteers and professionals work closely with seniors, their families, and caregivers, and help identify and locate the services they need.


AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to interacting with Americans 50 and older.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

Includes most recent and amended version. It is unlawful to discriminate against workers based on age.

Ageism: World Health Organization

FAQs, ways to help, what to watch for, and the ways that age intersects with health, work, lifestyle, poverty, race, and gender.

American Society on Aging

ASA is a resource for those who work with and for older adults.