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Faculty Resources on Diversity & Inclusion

Books & eBooks


Enhancing Student Learning in the Online Instructional Environment Through the Use of Universal Design for Learning

Boothe, K. A., Lohmann, M. J., & Owiny, R. (2020). Enhancing Student Learning in the Online Instructional Environment Through the Use of Universal Design for Learning. Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research22(1), 1–24.

Effect of Accessing Supports on Higher Education Persistence of Students with Disabilities

Newman, L. A., Madaus, J. W., Lalor, A. R., & Javitz, H. S. (2020). Effect of accessing supports on higher education persistence of students with disabilities. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

The Long and Winding Road to Postsecondary Education for U.S. Veterans with Invisible Injuries

Rattray, N. A., True, G., Natividad, D. M., Salyers, M. P., Frankel, R. M., & Kukla, M. (2019). The long and winding road to postsecondary education for US veterans with invisible injuries. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal42(3), 284–295.

Efficient Strategies for Integrating Universal Design for Learning in the Online Classroom

Houston, L. (2018). Efficient Strategies for Integrating Universal Design for Learning in the Online Classroom. Journal of Educators Online15(3).

Increasing Social Integration for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ashbaugh, K., Koegel, R. L., & Koegel, L. K. (2017). Increasing social integration for college students with autism spectrum disorder. Behavioral Development Bulletin22(1), 183–196.

The Myth of the Normal Brain: Embracing Neurodiversity

Armstrong, T. (2015). The myth of the normal brain: Embracing neurodiversity. AMA Journal of Ethics, 17(4), 348-352.

Web Resources

Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind

Provides comprehensive programs for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST)

FAAST provides assistive technology products and services that will enable persons with disabilities to participate in independent living, education, work, and recreation throughout life.

Disability Rights Florida

A nonprofit organization providing protection and advocacy services in the State of Florida.

Florida Council for Community Mental Health

A statewide association of 70 community‐based mental health and substance abuse agencies.

Sunshine Line

Provides door‐to‐door transportation and bus passes for elderly, low‐income, and disabled persons who do not have or cannot afford their own transportation.

AHEAD: Association on Higher Education and Disability

AHEAD has offers an unparalleled member experience to disability resource professionals, student affairs personnel, ADA coordinators, diversity officers, AT/IT staff, faculty and other instructional personnel, and colleagues who are invested in creating welcoming higher education experiences for disabled individuals.

Section508.go: Create Accessible Digital Products

Find guides for creating a variety of digital products that follow the ICT Accessibility 508 Standards and 255 Guidelines including PDFs, streaming media, and more.

Inside Higher Ed: Disabilities tagged articles

Browse articles that discuss a variety of topics within the umbrella of dis/ability.

National Center for College Students with Disabilities (NCCSD)

The National Center for College Students with Disabilities (NCCSD) is a federally-funded project under the U.S. Department of Education and has three purposes: provide technical assistance and information to anyone needing information about disability and higher education, collect information and do research about disability services at campuses in the United States, and report to the U.S. Department of Education about the current status of college students with disabilities in the U.S.

TED: Designing for Disability Playlist

Good design and smart technology should fuel inclusivity. These talks show how tech and design can empower.

Resource for user experience (UX) best practices and guidelines, serving practitioners and students in the government and private sectors.  The site provides overviews of the user-centered design process and various UX disciplines. It also covers the related information on methodology and tools for making digital content more usable and useful.