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Hawk Card (HCC ID) & the Library: Web Print

Information on how to get a HawkCard and its uses as a Library card.

Step-by-step instructions for Web Printing

Web Print is a service to enable printing for laptop, wireless and unauthenticated users without the need to install print drivers. For instructions download the PDF or follow the steps below. 

Step 1: access and submit

  1. Log in to the HawkPrint website from MyHCC at or directly at
  2. Select hawkprinting\BlackandWhite (virtual)
    select a printer hawkprinting BlackandWhite virtual
  3. Click on Submit a Job:
    print step 4

Step 2: upload documents

print step 6


  • Click Upload & Complete to submit your job to the queue

print step 7

  • Important: if prompted to select a printer, select the option, hawkprinting\BlackandWhite (virtual)

select a printer option hawkprinting BlackandWhite virtual

  • Once submitted, you will see that it is Held in a queue. Do NOT click on Held in a queue. This just lets you know that it is ready to print from HawkPrint printer in the library or elsewhere on campus.

print step 8