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Hawk Card (HCC ID) & the Library: HawkPrint

Information on how to get a HawkCard and its uses as a Library card.

How Does HawkPrint work?

HawkPrint logo

Students are provided a $1.50 credit per month for printing/copying. This credit will be provided on the 1st of every month for every enrolled student. Unused credit will not be carried over to next month. 

Students can also add additional funds to their account. These funds do carry over month-to-month. Students can add funds to their HawkPRINT account from:
Print Type Cost
B/W single-sided $0.10
B/W double-sided $0.08
Color single-sided $0.35
Color double-sided $0.30


Ways to pay for printing

There are two ways to pay for printing:

  1. Credit card / Debit card:
    • follow the login instructions for HawkPrint.
    • When logged-in, select "Add Funds using Credit Card"
  2. Pay with Cash:
    • You can purchase a "Cash Card" from the Bursar in denominations of $1, $2, and $5. The Bursar will only accept cash for the Cash Card.

    • Login to Hawkprint to add the Cash Card funds by clicking the "Add funds using Cash Card" option.

How to print in the library

  1. Log on to the computers with your student NetID to print in the library.
  2. To print or make copies, go to any printer/copy machine.
  3. Three ways to log in to the printer/copy machine:
    • Swipe your Hawk Card - the quickest option
    • login with your NetID
    • login with your student ID # and PIN (2 digit birth month and full birth year)  
  4. Select the Print job(s) for printing. Having trouble?

Web Printing with HawkPrint

  1. Log into HawkPrint
  2. Select Web Print and follow the prompts.
  3. Or, view the step by step instructions and a video demo.