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Careers and Professional Skills (Dale Mabry): More search terms

Links and tips for your career research!

For searching careers or jobs

Try the name of your career AND additional keywords such as:

  • Career OR Careers  

  • Job OR jobs

  • Profession OR professions

  • Employment forecasting

  • Salary OR salaries OR wages

  • Working conditions

  • Work environment

  • Vocational Guidance

  • Employment forecasting

  • Salary OR salaries OR wages

For searching entrepreneurship, owning a business, or working for yourself

  • Gig economy
  • Part time employment
  • Flexible work 
  • Self employed
  • Startup
  • Contractor 
  • Business owner
  • Entrepreneur* - the * picks up alternate endings, such entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship


Add the type of work or the name of the occupation to the keywords suggested above.

For example:

"music teacher" self-employed

Quotation marks help with searching words that go together as phrases.