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SLS 1106 - Ybor City Campus: Career

HCC Career Resource Center

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Search Tips

Career Guidance

Use the Library Catalog Search box on this page to find books, eBooks, and streaming videos about career fields.

  1. Type 1-2 keywords that describe your profession
  2. Add the phrase "vocational guidance"
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Search results may include books as well as eBooks, articles, videos, etc.
For Example:

nursing "vocational guidance"

"computer science" "vocational guidance"

architect AND careers 

accounting AND careers

Also - try "college majors" as a search term to find books, eBooks, streaming videos and more.

Library Databases

The databases listed below are specific to career research and provide great information on many career fields including salary, education requirements, career field growth potential, and job listings. You must be logged into HCC Libraries Online in order to access these databases.