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SLS 1106 - Ybor City Campus: Health

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Search Tips

Community and Health

Use the Library Catalog Search box on this page to find books, eBooks and streaming videos for the Community and Health Posters and Presentation.

  1. Type 1-2 keywords that describe your topic
  2. Put quotation marks around multiple word search terms 
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Search results may include books as well as eBooks, articles, videos, etc.

For Example:

"college students" AND "drug abuse"

"college students" AND smoking

"college students" AND sleep 

"college students" AND "alcohol use"

"college students" AND "alcohol abuse"

"eating disorders" AND students

suicide AND "college students"

stress AND "college students"

Library Databases

The databases below are good, general databases to start. These databases provides access to professional journal articles, newspaper articles, and magazine articles. You must be logged into HCC Libraries Online in order to access.