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Bell - SLS 1106 First Year Experience Orientation - Plant City: Books & More About Careers

How To Use This Page

How to use this page

There are several resources that can be found in the HCC Libraries.  Use this page of the LibGuide to help locate books (printed and eBook) for your career field research assignment.

Find books, articles, videos, & more

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Tips for Searching HCC Library for Career Materials

Search Term Ideas

"Careers In..." - There are several series of books that have have tittles or descriptions with "careers in".  This is a good starting search term:

"Careers in" AND engineering

Try the name of your career AND additional keywords such as:

Career OR Careers  

Job OR jobs

Profession OR professions

Vocational Guidance OR career guidance

Employment forecasting

Salary OR salaries OR wages

Working conditions

Work environment

Below are a few examples of search results using the above search terms.

Book Publisher - Careers In Series

Salem Press - Book Publisher

The book publisher, Salem Press, has a book series called "Careers in" that covers multiple different types of career fields and industries.  The Careers In series can be accessed both as a printed book or as an eBook.  To search the HCC Libraries online catalog for careers AND Salem.

New Titles about Careers

New Arrivals

The following book titles are newer publications on different career fields in both print and eBook format.

More on Order

As the semester moves forward, more books on careers will be added to both the HCC Libraries print and eBook collection.  As more are added, they will be posted here for easy access.  

Books You Can Check Out or Access Online

Books in the Library

A sample of the types of books and eBooks available through HCC Libraries.