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First Year Experience Orientation-Mullen_PlantCity: Library Databases for Community Health Posters

For SLS 1106 First Year Experience Orientation - Mullen

What is a Library Database

Library Databases

Health and Student Oriented Databases

The databases below are good, general databases to start.  Type in your search term similar to what you used searching the library online catalog for books, and click search.  These databases provides access to professional journal articles, newspaper articles, and magazine articles.  You must be logged into HCC Libraries Online in order to access.  

Hints for Locating Statistical Information

Hints on how to find statistical information

The article databases provide an easy way to locate authoritative information not just in article format, but also as statistical data.  When searching for statistics on your topic, look for reports as the format. 

For Example:

Search in Health and Wellness (Gale) for "college students" AND "mental health".  Make sure Full Text is checked under More Options.

After the results populate: 

  1. Choose Academic Journals as the Content Type
  2. Open the Document Format section in the Filter Your Results section
  3. Choose Reports or Survey or Clinical Report  

Reports are based on research conducted by the authors and will most likely present some statistics.  If not, also look for the Document Format of Statistical Data or Statistical Table or Survey or Case Study or Clinical Report.