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ENC 0025 - College Prep Writing II - (Brandon): Where to start

The purpose of this guide is to assist students in doing academic research for the class assignment.

Resources Available

 Selected Academic Databases:

InfoTrac Student Edition

To search for articles from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and reference books. These are all available online.

 Britannica - The Online Encyclopedia

To search for information from the encyclopedia. Britannica also includes a dictionary and access to magazine articles. These are all available online.


Opposing Viewpoints

To search for articles giving informed opinions (both pro and con), background facts, statistics and more.  These are all available online.


**Borrower ID and PIN

Many of the library resources ask for a Borrower ID and PIN. The Borrower ID is your student ID number. The PIN is the last four digits of your student ID number. If this doesn't work, please call your campus library or complete this online request for assistance.

What is research?

College research involves using a variety of resources to find information that is reliable and relevant to the topic. Most college research involves using academic or scholarly resources that are available from your campus library. Many of the resources, including encyclopedias, articles, book chapters, and videos, are available online from the library's website.

It is important to know that there is a difference between doing research using the "free" web and library resources. The video below from the Hartness Library System gives a nice overview of the difference between casual research, such as reading the local paper, and more scholarly research, using library resources.