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Dr. Barr's Really Useful Stuff for Sociology (Dale Mabry): More useful stuff

A guide for students in Dr. Deborah Barr's Sociology classes.

Look up current events

stack of newspapers

For your research or current-event assignments, use these newspaper resources from HCC Libraries.

The Tampa Bay Times comes out in print on Sunday and Wednesday only. You can find hard copies in the Library.

Explore the big, wide world

global road warrior logo

Discover 175 countries in this one-stop library database of national and cultural information.

Click the link below and select your country.

Use the navigation menu to delve into such topics as Culture and Society, History, Life Stages, and much more. Find statistics under Social Indicators. 

Go to the movies in Dr. B's favorite video libraries

streaming media on laptop with popcorn

Search your topics in these library databases of cinematic films and documentary videos.

Get writing help

Keep calm and write proper English HCC Academic Success Centers (ASC) tutors can help you with your writing in-person or online. If you find you are missing the same things in your discussion posts each week, a writing tutor may be able to help you fix the problem.

punctuation is powerful and can change meaningHelp yourself

Whether you seek help from tutors (recommended) or go it alone, the following resources will help you be a better writer:

Avoid plagiarism

plagiarism is presenting another's work or ideas as your ownWe have all heard of plagiarism, but many students do not know what it really is. Thus, they can find themselves in trouble and accused of plagiarism without meaning to do so.

Plagiarism is not allowed in this course. Even if you copy and paste from a website this is plagiarism, unless you properly cite the materials. Some person still wrote the material and often that material is copyright-protected. For the kind of sources that you need to do most sociological research, you will need to cite your website article or journal article.

The following links will help you properly summarize, paraphrase, and cite your sources: