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AI: Artificial Intelligence

STUDENTS:   Check with your instructor before using AI in any of your assignments.  If the use of AI is permitted, check with your instructor on how you should disclose the use of AI.  For example, your instructor may want to know the specific tool you use, the prompts you used, etc.  See the tab AI:CITING AI for more information.

Do you have your instructor's permission to try AI? See Sarah Osborne Hood's video  5 tips for using generative AI (ethically!) for school 


What is ChatGPT?  ChatGPT from OpenAI is a tool built large language models and "is fine-tuned .... with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques."  Wikipedia. (ChatGPT is not the only AI tool.) 


LinkedIn Learning has some short courses on generative AI.  Sign in with your HCC email. 

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