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Hawk Card / Library card info: Your Hawk Card & the Library

Information on how to get a HawkCard and its uses as a Library card.

Your Hawk Card is also your Library Card

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Hawk Card

With your HawkCard you can:

  • Check out books, etc. from the library
  • Use HCC's online research resources
  • Print and photocopy

Access online resources on the HCC Libraries site:

  1. Your "Borrower ID" is your 7-digit student ID# (or employee ID#) on your Hawk Card.
  2. Input the last 4 digits of your ID# for the PIN. Looks like this.
  3. For example, if your ID# were 0456789, your PIN would be 6789.
  4. To change your PIN access “My Account”. Click “PIN” to change it.
  5. Having trouble logging in? Contact an HCC campus library.

Hawk Card FAQs

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  6. How do I access the online library resources (LINCCWeb, article databases, etc.)?

  7. How do I change my PIN number?

  8. I'm having trouble logging in:

  9. What if my Hawk Card is lost or stolen?

  10. Do I need my Hawk Card to print or make copies?

  11. Can I connect to HCC Libraries Online through Canvas (MyHCC)?