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Veterinary Technology (Plant City): Case Report Sources

Guide to Library and Online Resources available for Veterinary Technology Students @ HCC

Case Report Sources

Case Report Sources

The following journals can be accessed thorugh HCC Libraries Online to locate case reports needed for veterinary technician course requirements.  If at any time you need research assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Dufraine, HCC Plant City librarian.

Journals Accessed Through HCC LIbraries

Veterinary Case Report Access

The following journal titles can be accessed either through the HCC Libraries databases or directly to an open access platform called PubMed.  Choose the Journal Title for access.  If PubMed opens, choose the publication year and the Case Reports for that year and/or issue will be in the results. 

If you  have any questions or have difficulties locating case reports in these journals, please do not hesitate to ask your librarian, Karen Dufraine.