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Veterinary Technology (Plant City): Books located at the HCC Library

Guide to Library and Online Resources available for Veterinary Technology Students @ HCC

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Books at the Plant City Campus Library

Locating Books in the Library

Veterinary related books are found at the HCC, Plant City Campus Library located in the Vet Tech section, a special area in the library located on the right side towards the back of the library.  Look for the books with  a clear green sticker over the call number label (the label on the spine of the books). Since not all books related to animal disease and welfare will be located in the Vet Tech section, there are a few books in the general circulation shelves as well.  The library catalog denotes in the Location section when a book is located in the Vet Tech section. 

Vet Tech Section in the Library

All books that are identified as "Vet Tech" are currently shelved in the Vet Tech Section in the library.  You can search the library catalog to see what is available. Use the "Enter search term here" under Search HCC Libraries with Primo to begin.  

A sample of the books available in the Vet Tech Collection: