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Raiders of the Lost Databases: Home

Companion guide to the eponymous session at Faculty Professional Development Day (FPD), 10/20/20.

Thanks for joining us at Raiders of the Lost Databases!

indiana jones fedora hat"With more than 120 online research databases in HCC Libraries' repository, who can keep up? Join us for a refresher on - or first-time discovery of - some lesser-known gems, and their features and tools."

- Session description, FPD agenda, 10/20/20
Photo by Clément Bucco-Lechat via Creative Commons

Academic Video Online

Video tutorials:

Films on Demand

Video tutorials:

Fergusons Career Guidance Center

Here are Ferguson's Training resources and Educators guide.

Coronavirus Research Database

This new resource was added after the Spring 2020 shutdown. A student researching "environmental impacts of the coronavirus" this semester found what he could use in this database!

Global Road Warrior

Global Road Warrior's product brochure describes, with screenshots, the many topics included in each country profile.

New York Times - Historical - and More!



Peterson's Test Prep Education & Career Center

Here are TERC's resource guide and college planning tips.

Finding online library resources

To search HCC databases for a specific journal - use Find a Journal - located under "Research Tools" on the HCC Libraries Home page.