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ENC1101/ENC1102 Plant City and MacDill: Dr.Reid ENC 1101 Essay Assignments

This Library Guide (Research Guide) is to be utilized as a general resource for the English Composition (ENC) classes offered at HCC Plant City Campus.

Dr. Reid ENC 1101


This page is to provide resource information for Dr. Reid's ENC1101 students.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me - see the PC Library Information page.


Creating Search Terms

Search Terms

  • Develop search terms by highlighting keywords in your assignment
  • Choose your main topic or idea from those keywords
  • Brainstorm to help break down keywords into more specific categories

See Brainstorm Exercise PDF below for an example.  

What to Type in the Keyword Search Term Box

  • Not every word in your brainstorm exercise is going to be used as a search term. 
  • This exercise provides you with one to three word phrases that can be used as search terms and filter options to help narrow your results. 
  • Having an idea of multiple search term possibilities helps with evaluating a resource to see if that resource will meet your research criteria for this assignment.

General Article Databases

General Article Databases

Article databases can also provide access to other types of formats, such as images, videos and audio clips.  

Where to Find Resources

Library Resources

The best resources to use for this assignment will be:

  • articles found in newspapers, magazines, professional journals; 
  • streaming videos of news broadcasts;
  • audio broadcasts of radio programs;
  • e-books

All of these can be found through the HCC Library's Catalog and Databases.

Pro/Con Databases (Argumentative)

Pro/Con Databases

The following databases are good to use when you need to find resources that present both sides to an issue.  These types of resources are usually needed for a Pro/Con or what is called a Argumentative essay.  

Video Databases

Please consult the "Home" Tab for log-in information.
See all our streaming video databases.

Newspaper Articles


Articles found in newspapers provide up to date and recent facts, opinions, statistics and general information about a topic.  

Subject Specific - Cause & Effect

Subject Related Databases

These databases cover content that is related to a specific subject, such as health, education, etc.

Subject Specific Databases - Argumentative and MLA Research Paper