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ENC1101/ENC1102 Plant City and MacDill: Davis - Career Project

This Library Guide (Research Guide) is to be utilized as a general resource for the English Composition (ENC) classes offered at HCC Plant City Campus.

Career Search Project


Image of blackboard with Careers written on it.To find library resources to use for the career project in your ENC class with Ms. Davis, see the pull down menu from this page header.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your librarian





"Careers"by Got Credit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Tips for Searching Plant City Library for Career Materials

Search Term Ideas

"Careers In..." - There are several series of books that have have tittles or descriptions with "careers in".  This is a good starting search term:

"Careers in" AND nursing

Try the name of your career AND additional keywords such as:

Career OR Careers  

Job OR jobs

Profession OR professions

Vocational Guidance

Employment forecasting

Salary OR salaries OR wages

Working conditions

Work environment

Library Databases

Career Oriented Databases

The databases below are career specific.  Type in your career field of interest, such as "veterinary technician", and click search.  These databases provide great information per career field such as salary, education requirements, career field growth potential and job listings.  You must be logged into HCC Libraries Online in order to access.  For log in instructions, please see the Logging Into HCC Libraries page.

Databases to Use to Locate Scholarly Journal Articles


The following database listings are good to use to find scholarly articles needed for this assignment.  

Example Keyword Search Terms to use:

  • "vocational guidance"    Or
  • careers in...    Or
  • "...Industry"     Or
  • trends in...                    

Things to Remember:

1. Check Full Text

2. Check Scholarly, Peer Reviewed

3.  Enter Date Range Parameter