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Kristin Heathcock: General Education Assessment Committee

Brandon Campus Librarian

General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the HCC general education core curriculum should be able to demonstrate

1. their ability to think critically

2. their ability to express themselves clearly in written and oral communication

3. their ability to express themselves effectively in quantitative terms

4. their understanding of and appreciation for the value and significance of culture

5. the scientific method of inquiry and the historical and contemporary impact of science on daily life

6. their understanding of global, political, social economi and historical perspectives

7. their ability to use technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information

Gen Ed Assessment Committee

Cluster 1: Charlie Jimenez (English, Brandon)

Cluster 2: Travis Meek (Humanities, Dale Mabry)

Cluster 3: Sami Kadamani (Mathematics, Brandon)

Cluster 4: Margaret Hopson-Fernandez (Biology, Dale Mabry)

Cluster 5: Louis Bonavita (Sociology, Dale Mabry)

Cluster 6: Kara Lawson (History, Plant City)

Cluster 14: Kristin Heathcock (Librarian, Brandon)

Assessment Tools

IDS 2891 - Connections Course*  includes samples of the assessments used (in 2014)

IDS Connections Rubric

Connections Rubric Scores 2005 - 2014


Assessments developed and utilized in the IDS 2891 course:

Holistic Assessment of Critical Thinking

Assessment of Scientific Knowledge

Quantitative Assessment

Behavior Science Assessment (Pilot)