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INLab@HCC (Dale Mabry): Companies, markets, demographics

Links and tips for your projects.

Company research

Specifically state and local:

About researching private companies

Finding information about private companies may be challenging, if not impossible.

This is because:

  • Private companies are not publicly traded.
  • As such, they are not required to report significant information to government agencies.

The resources on this page and the next may lead you to information on private companies beyond what you might discover from web searches.

Market research

After logging into this database, select Tutorials for instructions on the following functions:

  • Analyzing Market Size and Demographics
    • Analyze the demographics, attitudes, and spending habits of consumers in any geography in the US so that you can make the right choices for your business.
  • Mapping
    • Visually understand a current or potential market and its consumers

At this time, these are the only functions available through HCC's subscription to this database.

How-tos & advice

More resources

Additional databases for your research are available at other local libraries