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Countries and Cultures (Dale Mabry): Online databases

About library databases

Besides using Primo, the library catalog, search your topic in smaller, more specific library databases (filter by subject). On this page are links to some recommended databases, tutorials, and an explanation of what are scholarly articles.

Recommended databases: articles & more

These databases are good for searching just about any topic or subject.

They contain mostly articles from periodicals - many are scholarly or peer-reviewed.

What are scholarly or peer-reviewed articles?

Many materials you find in college-level research are articles from scholarly journals, often called "peer-reviewed," or "academic." In some instances, your professor will require you to use these types of articles—at least as some of the sources that you cite in your work. The resources below explain the typical appearance, structure, and function of scholarly articles.

Recommended databases: videos

Streaming videos can be great sources of information, as well as enhance a presentation. Videos can be viewed or used by segment, transcripts are available, and citation help is provided.

Why Use Library Databases?

A Yavapai College student explains the benefits of using library databases for research.