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ENC 1101 - Library Research Assignment : Career Exploration Essay

Career Exploration Assignment Resources

Career Exploration Assignment

You will need to search the library catalog to see what books are available in the library.  Searching the catalog will not only lead you to books that are physically in the library, but will also lead you to electronic books, DVDs and videos. You will also find books that are located at other HCC campus libraries.

To start:

  1.  Go to the HCC Libraries Online Catalog
  2. Enter your search words in the box such as "career development"

For more information on how to utilize the HCC Libraries Online Catalog, please see the Library Catalog Search page on this LibGuide.  Any questions, please feel free to contact your librarian or utilize the Ask A Librarian service.


Career Exploration

The following resources provide quality information regarding many different kinds of career choices.  The first two listed are accessed through HCC Libraries Online, where you need to be logged in for access.  See the HCC Libraries Online page for log in instructions. The websites listed are good, authoritative sources to review career information.


When typing in a search term that is more than one word, put quotation marks around the term. The search system, whether as a database or website, will look at the search term as one complete term rather than separate words. 

If you need any assistance with this assignment, please don't hesitate to ask your librarian.

Selected Career Websites

The websites listed below are respected sources of career information.  When citing a website, use the MLA 9th edition style guide written by Valencia College's library.  The website opens to the home page, click on Electronic Sources in the table in the middle of the page labeled Modern Language Association (MLA).  In the right column, click on Article on a Website and Article on a Website with a Corporate and Group Author.

Books on Careers

Finding Books on Resume Writing