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Food Insecurity and College Students: Nutrition

Use this guide to find information on food insecurity and college students

Nutrition, Food Preparation

EatThisMuch   Create Personalized Meal Plans based on budget, food preferences, diet, etc. It creates meals based on your grocery list and what you already have.

EPA Food Waste Reduction Toolkits – There are a number of resources on this page on how to reduce your food waste. Less waste = more money in your pocket!

Produce Prep Guide – This is a great resource to read, watch, and learn many basic cooking techniques, as well as how to prepare fresh produce that you can get at farmer’s markets!

Reddit – Food related pages on Reddit that are very helpful for cooking, meal prep and more! Here’s a few:

StillTasty - A great tool to determine how long a certain ingredient or food lasts!

Yummly – A mobile app on iPhone and Android that is a combination of “Eat This Much” and the Produce Prep Guide. It can help you think of new recipes!

(These resources suggested by Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger)